FireCracker BIG BANG 2G


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We currently have these firecrackers available in both paper tubes colors. Are you wondering if there is a difference between the two? There is no difference. Why? We have absolutely no idea … they probably ran out of black paint at the factory, so they made more red tubes.

So if you order this product, you will receive some packages in black and some in red color.

There are various videos on YouTube and other platforms with these firecrackers that infromate that the black version is better than the red, that one type is better than the other. It’s not true and it’s just bullshit 😊

Since the filling of the the flash composition is done by hand, it can happen that each firecracker even within one package is filled with different amounts of composition. So each piece in package can be little bit different. It may sound strange, it may annoy some, but on the other hand, at least each firecracker will surprise you with a different bang.

It is therefore not possible to say unequivocally that a given version with a black tube is better than one with a red tube. It’s only a matter of luck whether you get the one that was filled more.

Weight 200 g

Only bang

Made in


In package

20 pcs., 20 pcs. x 75 packages (full box)

Safety distance

at least 15 metres

Weight of composition

2 g