Crossette set of 4inch display shells and mortar

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85 EUR

5 pcs. of 4inch (100 mm) display shells with silver tail by LIDU

Glittering Crossette
Silver Time Rain Crossette
Brocade Crown Crossette
Brocade Crown Crossette Mine
Silver Crackling Flower Crossette Mine

Mortar tube is made of fiberglass or HDPE. If you don't want mortar tube, you can remove it with selection button and this set will be cheaper :-)


Initiation: 60 - 80 cm of quick match and 5 cm of Green Visco Fuse 3mm
Delay: 4 - 5 sec
Weight of composition: 340-350 g (depend on effect)
Size: 100 mm (4inch)

Safety distance: at least 50 metres
For USE of this product you may need special education, licence or knowledges (depend on local rules in your country).