Smoke RDG1 - BLUE

Smoke RDG1 - BLUE

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New type of blue smoke generator for airsoft, paintball and military!
Large quantity of blue smoke in short time!

CE certificate: 1395-P1-0218/2012

Body: cardboard
Country of origin: China
Size: 120 x 45 mm
Weight of composition: 100 g
Initiation: 4 cm of Green Visco Fuse 1,8mm
Delay: 3-4 sec.
Burning time: +/- 20 sec.
Color of smoke: blue

Please keep in mind that amount and quality of smoke cloud may be +/- changeable with each piece of smoke grenade (depend also on weather, wind, position of smoke grenade, ...).

We know, that this is next stupid instruction, however for perfect burning should be smoke grenade placed on the ground in horizontal position and then fired. If you throw any type of smoke grenade for example to the snow, smoke cloud will be much smaller and function of smoke grenade may failed completely!!!