Potassium Nitrate - KNO3

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Potassium nitrate, (KNO3) or also salnytr (sometimes sanytr, or sa (l) nitr) potassium, is the potassium salt of nitric acid. It is used as a nitrogen fertilizer as well as other nitrates. Due to its nature as a strong oxidizing agent, it is part of many pyrotechnic articles such as gunpowder or smoke bombs.
Emergency Overview

H272 – May intensify fire; oxidiser.

Precautionary statements
P221 – Take any precaution to avoid mixing with combustibles.
P260 – Do not breathe dust.
P280 – Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P370 + P378 – In case of fire: Use CO2 or water fire-extinguisher.
P501 – Dispose of contents/container regarding local regulations.